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What’s New at Family Focus Eyecare?

New Year, New Products at Family Focus Eyecare!

What’s New at Family Focus Eyecare?

New Year, New Products at Family Focus Eyecare!

At Family Focus Eyecare, our optometrists and staff are always searching for the latest products that will assist in serving our patients better!

CALMO Eye Spray

CALMO Eye Spray provides immediate comfort and humidification of dry eyes without instilling any drops! CALMO stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film when sprayed on the closed eye. It is preservative-free and its contents moisturize the eye area while also providing preventative protection for the skin.

Peeps Carbon Lens Cleaner

Peeps Carbon Lens Cleaner is a safe and easy way to remove dust, finger prints and facial oils from your lenses! Peeps are unaffected by cold and warm temperatures and can be recharged and used up to 500 times!

CHICK Eyewear

New to our frame gallery, CHICK eyewear offers fun, fashionable, and flexible frames that were made for our V.I.K. (Very Important Kids) patients!  Children will love the bright and fun colors and parents will love how flexible and strong the frames are built.

Oakley Radar Pace

Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses offers a real-time, voice activated coaching system with a training plan that can be customized to your lifestyle! It includes built-in earpieces, Blue Tooth, ANT+ and multiple microphones. The Oakley Radar Pace can be paired with sensors that include: power meters, foot pods, heart rate monitor, and speed sensors through Blue Tooth or ANT+ connectivity.

The Oakley Radar Pace allows you to adjust the volume, change songs and even accept calls with the touch pad on the side of the frame.

All of these new and exciting products are available at Family Focus Eyecare!

Visit us today or contact our office if you have any questions for our team!

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