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Family Focus Eyecare

Services Offered at Family Focus Eyecare Covered through SK Health

Curious as to What Vision Services are Covered with Your Health Card?

There are various types of exams offered at Family Focus Eyecare that can be billed to Saskatchewan Health.

Children’s Eye Examinations

Children under 18 are covered every twelve months for comprehensive eye examinations with a valid Saskatchewan health card. Optometrists recommend that children have their first eye examination between 6-9 months old.

Red Eyes and Other Minor Eye Emergencies

Red eyes and other irritations to the eye can be examined at Family Focus Eyecare by our optometrists. These exams are often covered with a valid Saskatchewan health card.

Diabetic Examinations

Diabetic patients who are medicated and/ or referred by their family doctor with a letter are covered every twelve months for comprehensive eye examinations.

Family Focus Eyecare Now Offers Direct Billing with Multiple Insurance Companies

For more information, including what insurance companies can be electronically billed, or to book an appointment, please contact our office today!

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