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Family Focus Eyecare Attends Continuing Education Events

Family Focus Eyecare Participates in Continuing Education Conferences

In May, several of our optometrists and staff at Family Focus Eyecare headed to Victoria, British Columbia to attend Eye Recommend’s National Training Event! Along with motivational and engaging seminars, our team also attended their Tradeshow which offers an exclusive look at the latest technology, pharmaceutical products, and eye wear. Our optometrists and staff were also given the opportunity to explore Victoria’s beautiful scenery while participating in team building exercises!

One month later in June, several of our staff members were in attendance for the Continued Education Conference held in Saskatoon!

The Continuing Education conference offered engaging seminars that focused on the improvement of customer service and communication skills. Once again our staff attended the Tradeshow and were able to meet with knowledgeable representatives showcasing various products and state of the art technology designed for optometry.

Among the speakers was Dr. Robbyn Dupuis, an optometrist here at Family Focus Eyecare. Dr. Dupuis takes a special interest in Vision Therapy and gave an enthusiastic and informative discussion on Vision Therapy and Syntonics programs offered at our office. Dr. Dupuis explained various issues and concerns where patients could benefit from Vision Therapy, including patients with strabismus, learning-related issues, convergence sufficiency, and tracking. Dr. Dupuis also demonstrated several exercises that are done in Vision Therapy!

Our staff also attended the Doctors Luncheon, which celebrated several optometrists in Saskatchewan for their many years of expertise and patient care.

During the luncheon, one of our staff members, Deenie, received the award for Optometric Assistant of the Year!

Deenie has been with Family Focus Eyecare for 16 years now. Since she started, Deenie has done everything from pretesting, to running the contact lens department, and now plays an essential role as Director of Operations and Human Resources. Deenie can also be found at our front desk, greeting every patient with an enthusiastic smile and a drive to create a memorable experience for everyone. Congratulations to Deenie on receiving recognition for your dedication, passion, and work ethic within the optometric industry!

Our team at Family Focus Eyecare is lucky enough to attend Continuing Education Events annually. Because of this, our optometrists and staff are constantly learning new and efficient strategies to serve our patients better!

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