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Syntonic Phototherapy Available to Patients at Family Focus Eyecare

Family Focus Eyecare Now Offers Syntonic Phototherapy to Our Patients.

Syntonic Phototherapy is the use of visible light frequencies or colour, through the eyes, to enhance our visual attention and our ability to comprehend everything we see.

What is the Goal of Syntonic Phototherapy?

  • Syntonic Phototherapy treats eye conditions by balancing the autonomic nervous system which controls our perceptual visual field.
  • The light entering our eyes not only allows us to see but also connects other important brain centers, including the hypothalamus and pineal gland, allowing normal visual processing to occur.

Phototherapy and Vision

  • Children with learning disabilities and adults under visual stress will often have a reduced perceptual visual field. This can affect the amount of information that can be processed through the eyes.
  • A reduced perceptual visual field affects all aspects of life, including academic achievement, work proficiency, and athletic performance.
  • A person’s limited perceptual visual field may be evident through loss of place while reading, skipping of lines or words, words moving on the page and reduced comprehension.
  • Limited peripheral awareness may lead to difficulty with balance, coordination, driving, and athletic performance.

Evaluation and Treatment

  • Syntonic Phototherapy begins with an evaluation that will assess eye tracking ability, binocular eye coordination, visual motor performance, pupillary reaction to light, and peripheral vision sensibility.
  • The perceptual visual field is tested for size, perception of motion, and response to colour.
  • Each patient is prescribed an individual treatment plan. The most common protocol, and what is offered at Family Focus Eyecare, involves twenty minutes of colour light therapy that is completed three to six times per week for a total of twenty sessions. Often one colour will be used for the first ten minutes to stimulate a specific system, followed with another colour that balances and/ or heightens the sensitivity of a system. Keep in mind, each treatment is prescribed according to the individual patient and their needs.

Syntonic Phototherapy is Effective in Treating:

  • Visual conditions such as blurred or unstable vision, eyestrain or fatigue, double vision, strabismus (eye turn), amblyopia (lazy eye), poor depth perception, reduced peripheral vision, or light sensitivity.
  • Visually related conditions such as headaches, short attention span, reduced concentration, poor memory, impaired driving ability, and poor coordination or balance.
  • School, work, or sports performance including reduced academic achievement, inconsistent work or athletic accomplishment.
  • History of stress or trauma such as traumatic brain injury, mental or emotional trauma, and chronic illness.


If you have further questions or to book an assessment for Syntonic Phototherapy and see whether it is the right option for you or one of your family members, contact our office today!


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