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Family Focus Eyecare Takes Interest in Family Literacy Day

January 27th is Family Literacy Day and Family Focus Eyecare aims to highlight the connection between strong vision and efficient literacy skills.

Family Focus Eyecare had the opportunity to team up with READ Saskatoon for Family Literacy Day, providing insight as to how vision affects our everyday learning.

We are inspired every day by our patients and their success stories of various skills improving simply due to efficient vision. Strong literacy skills begin with our vision since we must see things in order to connect it to learning. As optometrists and staff, we see the joy and confidence that results from prescribing glasses for children who have always struggled with reading before, or children whose eye coordination has affected their athletic performance before Vision Therapy.

David Stobbe / stobbephoto.ca

The joy and success that comes from reading and other life skills changed by efficient vision is what inspires our dedication to learning. Whether on a day-to-day basis or through annual Continuing Education events, we as an office are learning every day. It is because of our commitment to learning that Family Focus Eyecare has partnered with READ Saskatoon, sponsoring one of the stations in The Saskatchewan Odyssey. Family Focus Eyecare’s station consists of several activities that demonstrate the connection between strong vision and building literacy skills. The activities include an Eye Spy station, optical illusions, and creating thaumatropes. Since 80% of our learning comes through vision, our goal is to demonstrate how vision assists our everyday learning.

David Stobbe / stobbephoto.ca

Nearly two decades later, our office continues to focus on providing families and the community with the best optimal eyesight and health. We understand the importance of healthy eyes when it comes to learning. That understanding is proudly demonstrated through our partnership with READ Saskatoon.

For more information regarding READ Saskatoon, including upcoming events and how to become involved, visit their website!


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