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Accelerated Ortho-K (AOK) contact lenses are specialty lenses that are designed to reshape the cornea (the clear front surface of your eye) overnight, much like a retainer from your dentist corrects the alignment of your teeth. This reshaping reduces and generally eliminates the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day. These lenses are worn every night, although some patients get to the point of stability where they need them every second or third night.

AOK lenses can be prescribed to children and teenagers whose myopia (poor distance vision) is increasing significantly from year to year. The lenses often slow the progression of myopia.

AOK lenses can be an alternative for adults who desire to be free from contact lenses and glasses during the day but are hesitant about having laser surgery. The reshaping lenses act as retainers to maintain that level of vision. Glasses may be needed for reading or other part-time use. The effect of AOK treatment is temporary and reversible.